True Story

The following is a real conversation I had today:

Customer: “Bee.”
Me: “I’m sorry, what?”
Customer: “There’s a BEE.”
Me: Angling to see his perspective out the window. “A bee? Outside?”
Customer: “No.” Offers no additionally helpful information.
Me: Finally see the bee crawling inside the window. “Oh! A bee.”
Customer: Stares at me expectantly.
Me: Thinking, “Well give me a second while I go get my bee mask.”

<awkward pause>

Me: “Umm. Ok. I’ll get a napkin.”
Random Person in Line: “Oh, don’t kill the bee. He’s not hurtin anybody.”

<pregnant pause>

Me: Shrug shoulders in direction of customer and decide to go with Random Person’s suggestion, as would clearly prefer to avoid potential bee sting situation.

2 minutes later…

Me: Walk by Customer’s table to restock condiment bar.
Customer: “If somebody in here’s allergic to bees, you’re gonna see some real action.”
Me: Did he actu
ally just say, “real action?” Trying very hard to supress snickers until out of customer’s sight.


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