Diabetic Coma

I don’t mean to judge (actually I do), but your TEN sugar extra caramel macchiato is gross. And your TWELVE honey tea is a beating to make.


3 thoughts on “Diabetic Coma”

  1. I especially love the multi layered Carmel Frappicino that uses almost an entire bottle of carmel sauce to make up the layer between the frap and on the sides, bottom and top of whipped cream!

  2. Lol! We have a couple of people ask for “brown walls” on their caramel or vanilla bean fraps. Brown walls=you take the cap off the caramel drizzle and coat the cup walls in a thick layer of caramel. It also means lots of time wasted and two extra charges for extra drizzle…. and an annoyed barista who is judging the hell out of you.

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