To Biscotti Or Not?

I know most of you come to Starbucks for parenting advice (especially from childless baristas). As such, here’s a tidbit I hope you find helpful.

When a 3-year old is pestering you for a biscotti and you are hogging up valuable real-estate directly in front of the cash register, do one of two things:

  1. Say Yes.
  2. Say No.

Do NOT proceed to ask your child SIX TIMES whether or not they will “eat the whole thing” or “eat a bite and not want it anymore.” If the child is incapable of answering this question the first three times, there’s a high likelihood she will not produce an answer if you ask thrice more. You are the parent. Be decisive on behalf of your child.


One thought on “To Biscotti Or Not?”

  1. My own two cents to add:

    “As a parent, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that if you have to ask, THEY WON’T FINISH IT.

    But you’re a parent, so you should already know that…”

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