Your Filthy Lid Tongs

Thanks to Cam for the submission!

A man is in line and he shouts across the counter “Do y’all still have decaf or is it that pour over crap?”

Store manager : “we stop brewing it at noon, but we can do a pourover for you”

Man : “I don’t want hot water based coffee, I want the real thing”

Store manager : (in the kindest voice) “well sir, that’s how our coffees are all brewed is hot water pouring through the grounds, filter, and into your cup”

Man : “there’s no need to get attitude, I don’t want you touching my drink, you’ll probably put something in it!”

Store manager : (obviously bothered but maintaining a cool, calm, and collective attitude) sir, I would never do such a thing but I will absolutely let someone else take care of that for you.”

Man : “I can’t believe this place actually touches the customers lids with their hands!!”

(Our lid tongs were dirty soooo…)

He proceeds to come down to the bar end (while I’m making two frappuccinos for two ditzy teenage girls) and says to them

“Look at that. He’s touching your lid with his bare hands…and you’re going to drink from that?”

Teenage girl : “uuuum…well…like, he gives me a straw, so…”

Man : obviously realizing he looks ignorant “oh. Well, still that’s unsanitary” walks out


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