I see London, I see France…

Dear Starbucks customer, we’re sorry your lady garments don’t support your lady parts, but you didn’t need to tell us. We can see for ourselves.


There’s a Reason They’re Called “Intimates”

Just had a customer whip out four pairs of new panties from a Target bag to show me. To be fair, I think she was a few coffee beans short of a batch, but does that excuse her from displaying her undies on my counter? She was GENUINELY EXCITED to share her new britches with me. I guess that’s *okay*; I get excited about new drawers, too.

Feb 22, 2010
*Addendum to this post: I like to incorporate pictures into my posts whenever possible. That said, I do not recommend Googling images for “fun panties.” At least not publicly.

Too much of a good thing

Customers should be seen and not smelled.

I’m sure your perfume smells lovely in small doses, but I don’t want my first whiff when you’re still twenty paces from my register. Tone it down, sister.