The Wolverine Likes Lattes

Hugh Jackman likes decaf tall lattes and southwest chicken salads from Starbucks. Or, at least he did on one occasion.

How do i know this? Because he walked into my unlikely little store on the south side of Fort Worth and ordered up.

Not to get too corporate, but we’re currently running a promo for a free tall beverage with the purchase of any sandwich or salad. I noticed him eying the salads and, being a good little salesman, blabbered on about our promo. I thought he looked familiar, but couldn’t quite place him. I asked for his name to put on his cup (“Hugh,” said he with a nice accent), chatted him up like I would any other customer, and found out he was going to NY. he was very kind and thanked me for the free drink and was a generous tipper.

After he left, my coworker said “Uhh, I think that was Hugh Jackman” and the lightbulb came on.

I was face to face with Wolverine and lived to tell the tale.