Snow Day

Where is my store located? It’s a big secret! But I’ll give you a hint: There’s snow on the ground.

Oh wait, that’s not a good hint because it appears there’s snow in the ground in all 50 states. No kidding!

To commemorate Flurry Friday, I did three things:

1) Use the mysterious “Snow” button on the middle console of my SUV. I have no idea what this accomplished, but it was fun to push.

2) Attempt to do donuts in the back parking lot at 6am. Too much snow and (mysteriously) too much traction made this anticlimactic (I tried it both with and without the “Snow” button option).

3) Attempt to build a snow man without the benefit of gloves. Cold hands made this attempt a little anticlimactic as well. Apparently oatmeal cups do not a good hat make.

Though I have not specifically addressed how customers should behave in the DT in snowy conditions, I have covered certain inclement weather procedures in a previous post. Today I feel it necessary to add a rule to this list. It never occurred to me to add this particular rule before, but then, nobody’s ever CROSS-COUNTRY SKIIED down my drive-thru lane.

You think I’m kidding.

I’m not.

She with skis. He with snowshoes. They were a cute couple. But just because you’re cute doesn’t mean it’s safe to ski in the lane. Just sayin.