Tit Nor Tat

No, I do not care to see your new tattoo, but thank you for offering.


I see London, I see France…

Dear Starbucks customer, we’re sorry your lady garments don’t support your lady parts, but you didn’t need to tell us. We can see for ourselves.

There’s a Reason They’re Called “Intimates”

Just had a customer whip out four pairs of new panties from a Target bag to show me. To be fair, I think she was a few coffee beans short of a batch, but does that excuse her from displaying her undies on my counter? She was GENUINELY EXCITED to share her new britches with me. I guess that’s *okay*; I get excited about new drawers, too.

Feb 22, 2010
*Addendum to this post: I like to incorporate pictures into my posts whenever possible. That said, I do not recommend Googling images for “fun panties.” At least not publicly.

Thanks for the Tip

Yesterday I was making a drink for a customer at the drive-thru window. As she was telling me what a treat it is for her to come to Starbucks, she dropped a couple of bills in the tip jar. Very generous.

I thanked her and she replied that because we “give her what she wants,” she doesn’t mind tipping for it. She said her husband (who was not with her at the time) doesn’t share her generosity. “He just doesn’t understand: If he gave me what I wanted, I would tip him, too.”