Pikes Place vs. Pikes Peak

A district in Seattle vs. a mountain in Colorado.

These are two distinct geographical regions. If you come into my Starbucks and ask for a “Grande Pikes Peak”, I will kindly serve you the coffee you meant to ask for, and I will secretly want to hand you a map.



The “I haven’t been to church in awhile” smile

No lie.  My daughter works at Starbucks in Denver and she told me this little diddy:

Customer in her 70’s walks in with make up piled on high and smeared red lipstick.

Barista: Good morning!  Welcome to Starbucks.  What can I get you this morning?

Customer: My what a lovely smile you have.

Barista: Thank you very much!

Customer: That is the kind of smile you get from not going to church very much!

Barista: there are no words….

The Green Apron Gives Medical Advice

Did you hear the one about the lady who came through the drive thru?

Seems like most of my posts are starting off in this vein, but hey, I spend a good chunk of my time in a drive thru window so perhaps it’s okay.

So, really, this lady came through the DT yesterday. She asks me how many shots come in a Venti latte (two). What about a Tall (one). How about a Grande…Is that like one and a half? (no, it’s two, just like the Venti). Well, I’m five foot four. How many shots do you think I can handle?


Did someone just ask me to recommend a number of shots based on their size? Yes.

To her question, I reply: You shouldn’t be allowed to have caffeine. I’ve never actually conducted a weight/height to espresso ratio, but I think you’re probably safe with the Grande.