One Man’s Trash…

One of the more glamorous aspects of being a barista is taking out the trash. This isn’t just any trash mind you, it’s the People of Starbucks‘ trash. Royal refuse!

Of the dozen or so trash cans in the store, the two most exciting to service are the “women’s only” bin and the drive-thru can. You never know WHAT you’ll find in the latter (and always have a fair idea of the former).

Today I had the pleasure of changing out the DT trash*. Even from inside the store I could tell it was a steaming doozie – trash was bursting forth and even littering the surrounding ground a bit. I armed myself with my favorite pair of yellow flock-lined latex gloves, three large trashbags, and an adventurous spirit.

Starbucks Trash Supplies

Turns out I should have armed myself with blinders, for I tossed open the lid and RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE LYING COVER-SIDE UP was a big ole porn DVD. It’s like the Olsen Twins: I didn’t WANT to look, but I couldn’t help but stare for a second. I have blocked out the title of the video, but suffice to say it involved teens and crazy times with lawn equipment. <shudder>

This whole episode begs the question: WHO would throw away porn at the Starbucks Drive-Thru and why would they choose THAT MOMENT, fresh out of the line and tasty beverages in hand, to discard it? I don’t know.

But we served them coffee.


There’s a Reason They’re Called “Intimates”

Just had a customer whip out four pairs of new panties from a Target bag to show me. To be fair, I think she was a few coffee beans short of a batch, but does that excuse her from displaying her undies on my counter? She was GENUINELY EXCITED to share her new britches with me. I guess that’s *okay*; I get excited about new drawers, too.

Feb 22, 2010
*Addendum to this post: I like to incorporate pictures into my posts whenever possible. That said, I do not recommend Googling images for “fun panties.” At least not publicly.