How I Truly Feel

Dear Lady who ordered TWO INCHES of caramel in the bottom of your drink,

I am judging you right now.

Your horrified barista


To Biscotti Or Not?

I know most of you come to Starbucks for parenting advice (especially from childless baristas). As such, here’s a tidbit I hope you find helpful.

When a 3-year old is pestering you for a biscotti and you are hogging up valuable real-estate directly in front of the cash register, do one of two things:

  1. Say Yes.
  2. Say No.

Do NOT proceed to ask your child SIX TIMES whether or not they will “eat the whole thing” or “eat a bite and not want it anymore.” If the child is incapable of answering this question the first three times, there’s a high likelihood she will not produce an answer if you ask thrice more. You are the parent. Be decisive on behalf of your child.