Tell Your Story

Would you like to appear as a guest blogger from time to time? Here are the requirements:

  • You currently work for Starbucks.
  • OR you used to work for Starbucks.
  • You have a WordPress account.
  • You’re funny.

Interested? Shoot us a note at peopleofstarbucks [at]


6 thoughts on “Tell Your Story”

  1. dear customer,

    you are very annoying. everyday you come through my heavy dt line. your exact words:

    me: hi welcome to star

    customer: (interupts) i want a… um, um, a venti um. ummmmmmmmmm

    me: (in my head) we do not carry ums – this woman must be at the wrong place..

    cumtomer: i would like a venti peppermint mocha without the mocha and just chocolate.

    me: so you want a latte? because you dont want mocha, and you said you just want chocolate, so that must mean that you dont want the peppermint as well.

    customer: no i want a venti peppermint mocha without mocha.

    me: alright you can pull up.

    time passes

    i hand her her drink

    customer: their is not enough mocha in this latte and it tastes minty.

    me: so do you just want a peppermint mocha without the peppermint.

    customer: yes

    me: i give her her drink

    customer: you need to go to school for barista mixology.

    i bow my head in shame…. lol

  2. My name is Tiffany and I work for Dr. Joseph Michelli, author of “The Starbucks Experience” book. He is working in collaboration with Starbucks on a second book and we’d love to interview you. You obviously love Starbucks and find the joy and humor in the culture and brand – and that’s the kind of stuff we are looking for. Please contact me at And by the way – I was also a barista for a few years and my oh my- I’ve got stories too. I was literally laughing out loud – like a real LOL and about to pee my pants reading your blog. You made my night last night. 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I currently work at a licensed Starbucks store in 29 Palms, Ca on the Marine Corps base. Each day is definitely an interesting experience with the constant hustle and bustle of base life. Whether dealing with military wives, military members from other countries, or simply the Marines themselves, my fellow baristas and I can always come up with a quote of the day to share on Facebook. Whether it be down right hilarious or just ridiculous, it entertains our friends and family. I just want to Thank you for this blog and we hope to share with you some of our humorous quotes of the day. I’ve shared this with all of the baristas and it lifts our spirits to know that we’re not the only ones!

    Take care!
    -29 Palms Baristas

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